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Stream movies and music from your computer to any Smart TV (LG Smart share DLNA server)

LG Smart Share download:

Big buck bunny:

Syn Cole - Feel Good [provided by NoCopyrightSounds]

Connect with NCS:
Snapchat: ncsmusic
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Syn Cole
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Haikaz Dermenjian : Been looking to do this for years and never knew about this option. Sure beats building a media server or wasting money on other hardware. I was able to stream from my garage to living room in 4k life is grand! Thank you!
L A : Works great! :) Also, you can play 4k content over wifi if your TV (or another device) is close enough to the router and if you have good internet speed. I streamed 'The Martian' on 4k Blueray from my PC and it was smooth. I have 100 Mbs internet and my TV is only about 3m from my router though.
Lee __ : Nice guide, i can't afford a blu ray player so tried this to stream movies / tv from my pc to 4k tv it works 85% of the time. A few files have picture but no audio clearly a limitation of my LGUH620V tv. Thanks for the video made setup really easy:)
Vanderheeren Thomas : It's 2021 and this instruction is still working. I got this working in 5 minutes. Great vid, good explanation!
Ps: I have seen certain people ask if it works with subtitles. And it does.
Terry Shilo : Awesome tutorial. Thank you so much!

LG TV Smart Share DLNA PC TV 연결

LG TV Smart Share DLNA PC TV 연결 방법

LG OLED TV Media Server: Play Videos from Router on any TV DLNA

In this video you will learn How to Create Media Server using Router for LG OLED. No Need for Plex. Play Videos from Router on any TV with DLNA. It is very convenient way to play any video file on your TV using Router. #LG #OLED #DLNA #MEDIASERVER #NAS

Follow Steps:
1 - Make sure you have a router with USB 3.0 Ports.
2 - Connect a USB 3.0 External/Portable Drive to Router USB Port.
3 - Follow steps on TV to connect to your network.

You can copy/add/delete files directly from a Windows PC or Macbook. You don't have to take out hard drive to put more files.

Router I used: http://bit.ly/2i8RYrU
Paul Warner : After spending hours trying to play from windows media player over DLNA on my LG OLED, your video - BOOM - thank you! so simple the soloution
Joe Boman : you can also just choose "input" from your remote, and all DLNA sources are at the bottom of the input list... a lot easier and faster way to connect to any DLNA source.
TheNotepadShow : This is awesome... thanks so much.
Barry O'Neill : This is great! Do you have to connect hardrive to router? Can I create a shared folder on my Mac that will be seen on the LG tv?
Mervyn Moon : Great video thanks. I can't seem to pick up my hard drive through my TV , I can find the hard drive over the WiFi with my phone and I can find my PC over the WiFi with my TV but I can't find it with my TV. Any settings I need to change on my Router?




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