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Shure PGDMK6 vs Sennseiser Evolution Drum Mics

Using Shure PGDMK6 and Sennheiser Evolution drum mics, we wanted to be able to hear direct comparisons. The Shure kit is marketed as a more affordable entry level product and it came with kick, 3 tom mics, 2 overheads, clamps and XLRs.. The Sennheiser series is their upper end product, more expensive.. with kick and 4 toms mics with clamps. So we aren't doing a level ground shootout or anything here. It's just to show the differences. Is it worth the money to upgrade? Can you hear a difference?

Shure PGDMK6 and DKM57-52 drum mic pack Overview

EM Technical Editor Gino Robair walks us through the features of two Shure mic collections intended for use on drums in the studio or onstage.

Shure PGDMK6 Drum Mic Kit Test (Drum Solo/Improv)

Short test of the PGDMK6 kit. This thing is a beast!

Mics included in the kit:
PG56 snare/tom microphones (3)
PG52 kick drum microphone (1)
PG81 instrument microphones (2)

I used the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 as my interface and Garage Band as my recording software. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the video and please leave a rating and some feedback. Thanks!




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