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Which brand of FLUOROCARBON is the strongest (SURPRISING RESULTS)?

I have always wondered, why should I pay $30 for a spool of fluorocarbon when I can get it for $9? I think I have an answer now after conducting this experiment.

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Caden Kleist : How do you only have 1 k subs you are so underrated
Big Injun : I love my seaguar. I never had an issue with abrasion even while fishing for salmon in the streams. But p line looks like a great line for bass fishing. I might have to give it a whirl
John Johnson : The diameter of the line is clearly what determines it's abrasion abilities and that goes for all types of line . I prefer a smaller diameter of line because it is less affected by current flow ; large diameter fishing line will blow out of a drift much faster than small diameter line every time. Good line should always break at the knot is the best test that you want to do when comparing different brands of fishing line.
Tim L : Cool tests, it's great to see P-Line tactical coming out on top i've been using it for years now after trying a lot of different lines. The abrazx sucks, i've always had issues of it getting a kink somewhere along the line and it would break on me. However, i think you could have also measured "line memory" as that is a huge factor when considering how much you want to pay for line. I've tried the bass pro line (the 17#) and the memory was so bad that a $250 reel casted and felt like a piece of garbage. The bass pro line always wanted to birds nest on me and i ended up cutting it off not long after. The thicker line definitely helps with abrasion, but memory is definitely increased because of it. P-Line did a great job balancing those factors out, i never feel like i get bad memory out of that line. I also use line conditioner on my fluorocarbon to help reduce it. Great video though, fuck abrazx.
Rustbucket Revival : I love the abrasions test really cool to see how different line compare to one another.it’s pretty crazy how durable some lines are.

Mono vs Fluoro: Abrasion Resistance Test (Shocking Results)

This will make you question everything you’ve heard about the strength of fluoro line over mono line...

To see the full line strength test, click here:


In this latest fishing line test, we put 20lb fluorocarbon leader line up against 20lb traditional monofilament leader line to see which one had the most abrasion resistance.

For years, we just assumed that fluoro line would be stronger and much more abrasion resistant than mono line (because that is what the line manufactures have led us to believe), but we had never seen any real proof.

So we decided to put the two lines in a head-to-head test to see which one would last the longest against sandpaper (similar to the mouth of a snook).

The results kind of shocked us.

Check out what happened and let us know what questions you have and any other ways we can improve the experiment.

To see the full blog post, click here:


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GoBIGclan : I can't speak for freshwater, but for tuna, their mouths are not sandpaper. It's the teeth you have to be worried about. Let's do an experiment which tests "nicks" rather than "abrasion" to figure out which holds up better in a fish's mouth. This is a very great experiment for fishing sharks though!
BERETTA9mmUSA : Thanks for making the video, I know these videos take time. I really appreciate your efforts. Beretta Sr.
marine6 : thanks for confirming my suspicions.
ive been using 20lb p-line floro and have been losing gear left and right with light snags and even casting at around 60% with a 2oz weight.
i was thinking i got a bad lot of p-line but after seeing this test i know whats the problem.
20lb fluro even feels weaker than mono, even curls up and stretches out when tying knots!
Gilbert Robles : This is the test comparison that I unconsciously was waiting for. Thank you sir. I wonder if their is a way to experiment which of the two stretch s the most (tensile) strength I guess. Great video with surprising results.
James Darrell Fultz : Awesome test video, thank you for your hard work and patience doing this. Keep up the good work.

SC knot Braided To Fluorocarbon Leader || Best of the best Fishing knot 200% Stronger and easy

Sc knot very simple and strong
Joshua Fifis : I am a proud FG user but I'm actually going to give this one a go!
Carson Ridd : I’ve been tying this knot forever but I didn’t realize it could be tied so much better and easier. Thanks for the video!
Patrik Carlsson : Super nice variant of the FG knot with a Rizutto lockdown. Maybe also do a “half hitch” on the tail, close to the knot before burning. That will certainly secure that the braid do not splice up in to the Rizutto knot. Awesome good take, big thanks for new easyer ways to great knots
Ac Me : Kudos for being able to tie this in the 1st place !
Even better that you were able to do it well for the camera.
Mad respect.
Simon Della Santa : 15 turn Yukatan knot with a rizzuto finish, I tie a similar knot with a simple cairns quickie on the double, so easy and solid. I dont think you need the Rizzuto finish in most applications, however. I tie 8 turn with 20 to 50lb braid here onto 40 to 100lb mono in most scenarios.




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