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구글애널리틱스(GA) 절친, UTM 태그

utm 태그가 처음이신분~
utm 태그를 들어만 보신 분~
utm 태그를 좀 공부해 봤지만 감이 안 오시는 분~
구글광고하는 여자, 디디도 처음엔 그랬어요!!
왜 다들 차 떼고 포 떼고 설명을 하는지... ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

이 영상만 보면 utm 태그, 구글광고하는 여자만큼은 합니다! ^^

구글광고하는 여자는
https://appsody.zone/ 에 매일 출근합니다. ^^

* 앱소디존 시그니처 1:1 레슨 https://appsody.zone/service/?idx=5
* 3시간 완성 구글광고 교육영상 비트박스 https://appsody.zone/service/?idx=1
* 앱소디존 멤버쉽 구독 https://appsody.zone/service/?idx=6
* 가성비갑 전화 구글광고 허밍 https://appsody.zone/060
* 기타문의 https://appsody.zone/contact

#구글광고하는여자 #앱소디존 #구글광고공유

How to Use UTM Parameters to Track Your Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide

Want to know if your marketing is working? Are you properly using Google UTM parameters in your URLs?

Measurement marketing expert Chris Mercer shares how to set up UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) parameters to track your marketing traffic in Google Analytics.

Learn what UTMs are and which UTM parameters are the most important.

Find tips to simplify your tracking and discover a tool to easily add UTM parameters to your website links.

You’ll even get a simple way to test your UTMs before you use them in your live marketing.

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00:00 Intro
00:38 What are UTMs
01:10 Use Google Analytics to Identify Traffic
05:18 How to Create UTMs Using Campaign URL Builder
07:05 How to Test Your UTM Links

#SocialMediaMarketing #MeasurementMarketing #GoogleAnalytics

Introduction to UTM, Universal Transverse Mercator

UTM is a coordinate system designed for projecting a 3D sphere (Earth) onto a 2D map, while latitude and longitude are used to locate places on Earth’s 3D surface.

This video is a basic introduction to Universal Transverse Mercator and how Eastings and Northings are used to locate features on the Earth’s surface




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