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2008 Acura CSX Tour, Start Up, Interior/Exterior, Engine

Full tour on a Acura CSX. Love the comfort of this car! and the MPG's are so great! Would totally recommend this vehicle!
Qrow Bandwidth : I’ve got a 2008 Honda Civic. It’s literally the same car minus the sport mode.
lord justin : exterior and interior of this csx is same
like 2008 honda civic man exact same thing one thing is the paddle shifters added to it.
Zach Rauchle : this is a luxury honda civic. same engine. but still... honda civic. haha
Dark Phoenix : Buy
0812rs : im telling u dont get it. the 2cyl doesnt even have as good as an mpg as other 2L. its a detuned version of the civic si engine and that is a performance engine. the detuned version of a performance engine also mean performance engine fuel economy. its pretty bad compared to other small cars. Also when me and my brother rode in one of those in a long distance trip to the states we could not believe how bad the insulation was. u hear everything from loud tire roll and road noise to wind noise.
1d0ntc4r3 : Rofl woo
Justins Car Reviews : Yes it is! lol
1d0ntc4r3 : Is this Winnipeg? :O
specialbrownbeef : why not just a honda civic, they're the same thing and the civic is cheaper...
HitmanTheGamer : I'm getting 2011 acura CSX can't wait this will be my first car

2008 Acura CSX Type-S Review by

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Dreamy : This car is impressive. I like the Acura CSX Type S. The TSX and RSX Type S are awesome too.
The Stig's Japanese Cousin : the canadian civic which is never sold in the states
Jacob Chapman : To all of the ignorant comments below, this car was actually designed and built for the Canadian market then adapted around the world by places like Japan for their Civic. This car has features not offered on Civics at the time in Canada. HID headlights, leather, Bluetooth, NAV, traction control, either a 2.0l (opposed to the Civic's 1.8) or a 2.4 in the Type-S, etc. Leather wasn't available in Canada on the Civic till 2009 and Nav in 2012. This car filled a void in the Canadian market and sold quite well.
impossible : The CSX actually is based on the USDM Civic Si with more luxury options. Google is your friend.
Ricky Lahey : Acura Civic.
ObieJrBafour : CSX is the actual civic.
Daniel Testa : just drove both 2008 csx and 2008 dx-g back to back. csx feels better built. doors close nicer, radio is tons better in csx, fit and finish and overall feel is much better in cox. civic was 11900 and csx was 14500. Csx lines are much nicer than the civics in my opinion. A step up...not that much higher but enough to justify the couple of extra grand. Although I know new the difference was clsoer to 7 grand. At that difference I might agree with you but not the used one.
Vei Ann Rodriguez : It's a jdm fd civic chassis just like in the philippines. Usdm and candm's fd civic looks so ugly and gay.
krod2152 : This looks suspiciously like a us
jvrdlc : this is a fuckin civic with an acura logo, and more $.. bullshit

Acura CSX Type S

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Video Filmed and Edited by Carlo Acob
WO1FMAN : Coilover brand also any sway on it ?
Andy W : BC gang
Alex Barreto : Curious as to what exhaust this CSX has. Sounds amazing.
Rampart : i have the fd2 still lounging in our garage. still runs very well to this day.
Walter Ritchey : Only one country in the world did this car wear Acura badges, so what does the owner do? Rips off the Acura badges in favor of Honda badges. Whyyyyyy
sleeptronic420 : I live in Texas and found and bought one it was a great investment
Arda Coşkun : Turkey market has the chassis code FD6 but these cars are economic cars which include the R16A engine. It is a 1.6L SOHC iVTEC and has 125PS and can rev up to 6800rpm. Like I said it is a city car so it doesn't have much power.
lldankll : I saw one of these for sale in Ohio. might go for it :P
Welshy : Super fire! I just bought one the other day! Where did you get the front bumper?
Gerwin Banaag : Bro super clean csx fam I subscribed to your channel and if you can subscribe back, would be great.




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