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Amberen vs. Estroven - Product Review

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Menopause supplements have become a popular choice for managing frustrating symptoms, such as hot flashes and irritability. But finding the best supplement for you can be extremely overwhelming, mainly because there are so many options available to women in menopause. Two of the most popular choices by women are Amberen and Estroven. We are going to get down to the nitty-gritty of these two supplements in this article. And rest assured, a simple overview comparing the two will be featured further down in your reading if you are looking for a side-by-side comparison of Amberen vs Estroven.

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice, does not take the place of medical advice from your physician, and is not intended to treat or cure any disease. Patients should see a qualified medical provider for assessment and treatment.
sugarbaby31 : You speak so clear and go right to the point—I love it!!. I am starting my menopause and the hot flashes are driving me crazy!!!! I just bought Estroven plus sleep because I am also not sleeping good at all. I will let you know how it works. I am starting tonight.
Maria C. Alvarez : I bought both Amberen and Estroven I'm going to try first estroven then when I'm done I will try amberen. Thank you for sharing
Melissa Lee : Thank you for this comparison. I have been looking into both for many of my symptoms after being told I can't use HRT due to my migraines. I'm not completely sure what I experience in an actual aura but the stroke risk is higher in women with those kinds of migraines. I also feel like most GP's are not very up-to-date on perimenopause options and I haven't been to a gynecologist since my last daughter was born about 19 years ago. I just purchased Estroven Complete online tonight and hope it aids in my symptoms. Looking forward to reading input from others too.
Colette Doss : You did an amazing job of reviewing these products. As another viewer speak clearly and directly! Excellent job
D. Fatty Adams : Just started using the Estroven for weight. Hope I can post a positive review in 40 days or so. Also eating better and starting an exercise program.

Estroven Complete Menopuase Relief review + updates

just wanted to let you all know that this review contains updates and I dont drink coffee but I do drink a lot of iced tea and iced beverages and wearing cooling night wear which I got from Soma has all helped with my skin. Thanks for watching may God bless you have a blessed day.
Ms. Philosophy : Thank you for the review, I'm 51 in October, and I think I'm in denial that I have it because I don't feel hot flashes, but I feel cold all the time. I have a heater in my office in the middle of summer. The only thing that bothers me is fatigue and irritability because I used to be active. But now I have to drag myself to go jogging in the morning, and my happy face is gone. So I want that back, I will try the estroven. My question is what time you drink it so it will not bother my whole day?
lexuscarrington : I noticed my hot flashes are induced by food . The cleaner you eat it helps. But these hot flashes are vicious. Looking forward to see these results.
Karen Lloyd : OMGeverything you described I am going through. So glad I’m not alone, so I’m going to try this to see if it can help me
Joshua 1:8 : Praise The LORD that a sister in Christ JESUS posted this video. I'm glad this Estroven Complete Multi Symptom Menopause Relief works for you. I currently take Gaia Nighttime Comfort from Vitamin Shoppe. It's about $30, sometimes on sale for around $25. One month supply. It works but I bought one box of the Estroven after seeing this video. Thanks! Sometimes with natural supplements it's good to switch them up from time to time, for effectiveness. So after I'm done with my Gaia bottle, I will go to the Estroven box. It's also good if two different supplements will work, as to always be able to get a supply of them. My hot flashes and anxiety and irritability are about 98% gone with the Gaia. Falling asleep is the issue. Sometimes takes a while. However, once I'm asleep, it's all good. Would say just a couple nights a week I struggle with that, since the Gaia. Looking forward to how Estroven will work for me. Especially since I got it at Walmart for $19.95. I also take a natural multivitamin vitamin by Natures Plus from Vitamin Shoppe. Nstures Plus Multivitamin Tablets with No Iron. That helps 100% with energy and good bone movement. Thanks again for posting this and hope my info might help you or someone else as well. We just do our part and Holy Spirit does the rest, Amen?!! GOD BLESS you and Shalom❣
heidi kurz : Ty! I'm just starting with the hot flashes and I'm miserable! I'm getting this. Let's see!

Estroven Review (Elevated Christian)

Join us as Gracie, from Elevated Christian, shares her feedback and review of Estroven. This item was purchased with our own money at our local Walmart.

Estroven® Perimenopause Relief + Weight

This product review is intended for general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for any specific medical conditions other than it's sole purpose according to its intented use.

You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with a qualified healthcare provider.

Please consult with your healthcare provider with any questions or concerns you may have with this product and if its a right fit for you.
Life With The Jeffersons : This was great! I purchased this about a week ago. Oh my goodness! It really does work. I’ve being going through menopause since my mother died. She passed in 2015. The stress took me straight into menopause. I have personal summers all through the winter months and my hair fell out. Weight gain was awful!! I sleep so much better and my night sweats have decreased so much. My weight is going down . I’m not eating like crazy anymore. This is all within a week. I’ve been researching trying to make sure it’ doesn’t have any dangerous effects. So far haven’t found any, but I will take this to my doctor just to make sure.
RobynA316 : Thank you ladies! I just bought this from CVS because the night sweats are driving me crazy! I’m hoping it works for me because waking up like I’ve jumped into the ocean is not fun! I’ll let you know if it works in a few weeks.
Connie Valdivia : I am 42 and been feeling peri menopause. I have mild sleep issues to chills and night sweats. For a year now I’ve been taking Syeda a mild birth which relieved my symptoms for a few months. Up until a few months ago my symptoms are back I am going to try this product. Your video was very helpful. I like try to natural products no more birth control.
Raquel Pape : How about your sleep patterns, does it help you sleep better ?
jamie barrera : I am 43, had tubaligation 12 years ago. When my mom Died I was 40 and started feeling different. I still have my period, it's a little different but should I talk to my Doctor about this? Thank you




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