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2004 BMW 325xi Startup Engine & In Depth Tour

Finally Got A Chance To Do Another BMW! Hello and Welcome to fordmustang98guy and today I give you all a full in depth review on this 2004 BMW 325xi. I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior of this car while showing details, over viewing of features, and noting unique styling cues to the vehicle itself. I also show the engine and the details of it, start it up and see how it revvs under acceleration. A thorough tour/review of this car designed to give others a greater overall appreciation of the vehicle.
Flexin Wild : ugly radio i would pick the stock radio
Mack Ryan : Yoooo wtfffff! TURN OFF THE DAMN RADIO!
Derrick Harris : what kind of radio is that??
Wes D : Slow down bro. Your acting twacked out.
Master_ Churro : In depth review, idts. Ugh time wasted
patrick lynch : Mark from fordmustang98 guy what kind of stereo is that
patrick lynch : Fordmustang98 guy question what kind of stereo is that
Kyan : 4:58 Straight out of NFS/Fast and furious.
Dylan Derden : Bro, your a shittt salesman
Sierra Morgan : What’s the stereo and how much did it cost please

E46 325xi Review : The Bargain

Across the board, E46 BMWs can be had for fractions of their original MSRP. So, can the smallest, cheapest, and least powerful cousin of the legendary E46 M3 possibly retain the brand's core values?

2003 325xi, Carbon Schwarz Metallic

C5 - To the Stars
Art of Silence - Dramatic Cinematic
Xandra - Guardian
Jake : Your videos are so informative and nice to look at. I do wish that you would make videos more frequently, but hey, can’t get everything ;) It shows that you put a lot of work behind every video.
It’d be really cool if you could get your hands on an E90 328/330i!
beaver boss : I have the opportunity of purchasing one for my first car. I was iffy about it as first but after watching this video, I think it is the right platform for me. Thank You!
Robert McGlinchey : I have an e46 325xi auto. and love it.. The CCV system was kinda bad design and $1000 but really the only prob in 10 months. My other bimmers were manual 318ti and an oldie 1971 Bavaria - which I ran at a tweaked top end 145 mph for ONE HOUR. Beyond belief! At the time it had 80K on it.
KamikazeYT : Picked up a 04 325xi myself for $1300, was told it would be atleast at $1000 fix only to end uo being $200
Hotline : I'm gonna be looking at an 04 325xi in a few days and I'm excited. Originally wanted a 330i but as long as this is fun to drive I'll be happy.
Starting Tech : check out my 325xi i got one bc i watched your vid buzzy subbed
Starting Tech : just bought a 2003 325xi w 195k miles 5 speed buzzy! thanks to your review! look for the video on my channel tomorrow! got it for 2k! only paid that much bc its smogged, reg till 2021 and its a 5 speed!
Starting Tech : 146 mine is 195k!
Starting Tech : I have the option to get one in red for 2000$ I think I’m going to jump on it. With the 5 speed. Registered till July 2021 smogged rede to go. I think I’m going to buy it. Check out my 300$ e46 2001 330ci on my channel bro just subbed. it needs breaks but i can do that and a windsheild but so does my current e46 lol
Andy W : Great video! Looking for a 330xi as my first car but after watching this I'm considering a 325xi!

2006 BMW 325xi tour with Debra

Please inquire with team about availability, lease specials, finance offers, questions, personalized video tours, and appointment/demo request on this dreamy German unicorn at Mercedes-Benz of Manchester in Manchester New Hampshire!
Slippery Tom : Hey I have one with 57 k miles




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